About Persian Rescue

We have set up a small Persian rescue centre at our home. We are a voluntary organisation, rescuing and re-homing unwanted Persian cats. Helped and supported by N.A.S.S.L. Bristol Branch, which is a registered charity.

My husband and I have been working with rescued Persian cats for over thirty years, since first rescuing Candy a tricolour Persian shown in our logo's. We had been supporting the Shirrin Persian rescue centre in Dorset until it closed. Isabel had worked as a Vet receptionist and assistant to the Vet where she gained valuable veterinary experience.

We currently have eight large veterinary pens, this enables us to provide a clean and comfortable environment for each rescued Persian cat that comes into us for re-homing.

Inside Persian Rescue

We also have two large outdoor exercise areas attached to Persian Rescue which is used to give the cats a a change of environment and stimulation during their stay with us.

Execise area 1

Exercise area 2

Please ring 01454 250548 for any enquiries about the rescuing or homing of Persian cats, all visits will be strictly by appointment only.

All cats prior to being homed will have:-

  • Have a veterinary health check
  • FELV-FIV blood tested if necessary.
  • Fully vaccinated if needed
  • Neutered if needed
  • Wormed
  • Flea treatment
  • Dental treatment if needed
  • Dietary and health needs are assessed before homing

Home Checks will be carried out prior to re-homing.

We are helped and supported by National Animal Sanctuaries Support League (Bristol Branch) which is a registered charity.

In order to keep the rescue centre solvent we do our own fund raising for Persian Rescue. We attend local cat shows where we sell our Persian Rescue items along with other cat items and home made craft items. Also we raise funds at table top sales, and anywhere else that we are invited to promote Persian Rescue.

Isabel Fundraising at one of the cat shows

We are always grateful for any donations to keep the rescue centre going, so that we can continue to care for the Persian cats that come our way. If you can help in any way please ring us on 01454 250548. Thanks to everyone who has helped us in any way so far, it is really appreciated

Isabel & Keith Davenport